Men Should Make the Switch to All-Natural Deodorant too!
June 04, 2020

Men Should Make the Switch to All-Natural Deodorant too!

About 91% of men in the United States use deodorant daily, making it the top personal hygiene product used by men nationwide. Whether you’re putting in time at the gym, enjoying the outdoors or just working up a sweat, you’ve likely applied deodorant to avoid body odor. But do you ever wonder what your deodorant may actually be doing? No need to wonder, we’ve got the breakdown for you.


Traditional deodorants that fill our shopping aisles are formulated with harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause irritation and more seriously, infections or diseases that can really cause you harm. Let’s get to know these “evil” ingredients, here are the most commonly used chemicals found in traditional deodorant:  


  • Aluminum- Often used to clog pores in order to prevent you from perspiring. By exposing yourself to aluminum, you are also putting yourself at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, breast cysts and breast cancer (yes, guys can get breast cancer too). Not so “fun” fact: You know those yellowish stains under your arm pits that start to appear on your shirts? That is actually caused by the aluminum- yuck!
  • Alcohol- Helps with quick dry application. It may seem like a benefit, but think again… deodorants with alcohol can be harsh and irritating to your skin.
  • Baking Soda- Used to absorb sweat while reducing odor. However, baking soda has a pH of about 8.5, which disrupts your acid mantle, leaving your skin exposed to damage and irritation- cue rash!
  • Parabens- Most common preservative found in deodorants, skincare and grooming products. These compounds are developed to mimic estrogen, which effects your body’s normal hormone production and function.
  • Triclosan- Prevents bacterial growth when manufacturing products. Also, referred to as a pesticide, Triclosan has the potential to impair thyroid function.


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