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Great scent! Super for man or woman!

Great scent, eff for well over 24 hours

Subtle scent that's pleasing and fresh. I experimented at home - this stuff kept me from getting stinky for 48 hours. The power of prebiotics. This will be my replacement for the discontinued Tom's of Maine's prebiotic deodorant.

Love this product!

My go-to! Smells and works great!

Great scent! Works very well

Smells great! Feeling fresh


This actually works! It glides on nicely and does not cause any irritation, and it lasts through 12 shifts. It even continues to provide odor protection through hot flashes. I’m very pleased. Will definitely order again.

nice light smell

works really well between boobs to help fight sweaty tatas...will be rebuying

Sugar Mint Deodorant Stick
Juliette De Pena
Top Notch Product!

This Sugar Mint deodorant works beautifully. Please add to your catalog the same formulation but in a creme/paste type to apply manually. I usually do not use sticks because they are difficult to apply, causing irritation in the skin due to the friction. What I usually do is cut the stick into small pieces and apply it manually by hand in order to avoid any irritation.

It works great, and I moisten the top with my body oil or right out of the shower for additional smoothness

It's a good sized bundle, but it's not very fragrant - maybe in my bathroom, the stream will help.

Rose Clay Deodorant Stick
Raydenna Garland
No Sensitivity!

I love this stuff! It’s the first natural stick deodorant I’ve used in years that hasn’t created an issue for me. Whether it was large painful “acne” like bumps, red tender & inflamed skin, itchiness or sometime a combination or all three, there was always something in the other natural deos that caused irritation resulting in me needing to go back to my “chemical” sticks. FINALLY! honestlyphresh has been found, AND I now have choices to boot! The scent of the Rose Clay is phenomenal. Any person who digs the smell of roses will absolutely LOVE this. My two favorite selling points on these sticks, NO BAKING SODA & NO PRODUCT DERIVED FROM CORN. Who knew corn could create such an issue? Baking soda made scents (lol…see what I did there), but CORN? Anyway, I do highly recommend giving them a go if you’re on the fence. Your pits will never be happier (and smell better).

Frangipani & Monoi Pre + Probiotic Deodorant Spray

Faith restored

I was worried on my last purchase of two sticks of the deodorant that there had been a new way of making the deodorant more liquidy. Plus one of my sticks of deodorant, had some sort of weird air bubble so half of the stick was hollow and useless. My new product that arrived this week is back to the way it should be.

Better than Schmidt’s

I had been using Schmidt’s deodorant for a number of years after I swore off from using aluminum deodorants. The baking soda irritated my skin a little bit, but it was something I could deal with. Flash forward to this spring, where my skin could just no longer take it. I had full blown eczema all over my armpits because of the irritation and had to see my dermatologist. I searched for a new natural deodorant and found this one. It smells AMAZING and actually works. No irritation and my armpits are clear once again. I really think they’re onto something with the prebiotics. Every deodorant should have them. Give this a try!

HF Unscented Stick

This is a great unscented product. I will continue to purchase in the future!

Smells so amazing!

I purchased one of each scent and HONESTLY can’t decide which I like the best. The new formula goes on so smooth and works all day - even in the heat!

Works on even the toughest days!

Used this for 2 days while sanding down a house full of hardwood floors. I am in general a pretty sweaty human and am happy to report I didn't even stink a little bit after 14+ hour days! 10/10 would recommend

Nice and clean

Nice sweet scent keeps you dry and fresh all day no smelly armpits last all day

Juniper Rose deodorant

I love the deodorant is gentle and protected me very good


This deodorant is the holy grail for me. I have particularly acerbic stress sweat (yay!) & this is the only natural deodorant that has EVER been able to squash it. I'm so impressed. PLUS it's super moisturizing/ non-drying! Love it!! Thank you so much!!

Sugar Mint Deodorant Stick
Justin Martínez
Sweaty Pits Staying Dry

I have pretty sweaty armpits but this deodorant is keeping me very dry and it doesn’t clump on it’s smooth and washed off easily.
Also smells great and not in an overwhelming way.

My favorite Wah

The most refreshing clean feeling when using this wash nice soft scent not overwhelming and keeps me fresh all day


Only deoderant that had ever worked. I reapply a few times throughout really active/hot days and stay smelling good!

I love this so much. Finally something that agrees with body without all the harsh chemicals.