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Great smell

Best ever!

No complaints!

Great stuff!

It works and you should definitely try it

Everything’s Rosy

I have tried just about every scent of deodorant by PHresh and this is in my top favs! The smell is light, not too sweet. Most of their deodorants last me the day with re-applications only necessary on the sweatiest days, but I was pleasantly surprised when this particular scent kept me smelling fresh through to the following day! Yay!

Best product EVER!!

I have spent years suffering from sensitive skin. I've tried countless "natural" products that continued to irritate my skin and cause infections. Found this product by chance one day and decided to give it a try. I haven't looked back since! This is absolutely the BEST feminine wash ever. I have no more skin irritation and no more recurring infections. I couldn't be happier with this product and I'm happy to have found something that finally works for me. Thank you, Honestlyphresh, for making such an amazing product. I hope your company continues to grow and become more successful. You definitely have this customer for life.

New Formula

I’ve been using this for about a year and have loved it. My new order just came though and has the new formula (without Shea butter and vitamin e). I didn’t notice at first but after a few days I realized I could ‘smell’ the oil in the product now where I couldn’t before. Haven’t been as impressed with this as with the original.


I love these products .. i don’t have to wear layers to feel safe and fresh .. i have finally found a products that address the root cause and smells great .. ! So grateful . My other favorite is the rose cardamom .

My only brand

Love every one of thier products, they're the only brand I use.

Was Skeptical

My skin is very sensitive and I get major skin irritation and ingrown hairs after shaving. I don’t shave often as it can take up to 1 week for my skin irritation to subside. Honestly, I bought this product out of desperation and did not expect it to work. I applied this after shaving and my skin stayed smooth… I experienced NO irritation whatsoever. I’ve now been able to shave several times without any irritation afterwards. I’m now a believer. This stuff works!!

Love it so much!

Amazing deodorant, smells great and lasts all day!!

Amazing deodorant!

Smells amazing and I love the ingredients and packaging!!

Works great!

I've been trying to use "safer" non-aluminum deodorants but those with baking soda just don't seem to work. I had to put it on three times a day!. I'm so happy I tried Phresh. It works with just one application. One note. I tried the unscented version and it's s bit dry to the touch. Phresh says to let your body heat soften up the product so apply slowly.

Love it

It’s been my daily to go deodorant since I’ve had it. I smell fresh all day long and No sweaty armpits here.

Love this Product !

So happy to have my Fav deodorant back. This order shipped to Canada so fast this time with no delay at border. I had hesitated ordering again but all went smooth.


I love how this deo spray feels. It is not sticky at all and leaves me smelling fresh for a whole work day

Fragrance Free Pre Probiotic Feminine Wash

Okay so I just started using this product and I love that it didn’t irritate me. That’s a huge plus for me as I have sensitive skin and other chemicals doesn’t work well for my body. I’m pleased with the smell too. I already told my friends and fam to try it.

So soothing!

This oil has been fabulous. It is not greasy, and feels so refreshing after a shave!


Truly such an amazing oil. Soothing, fresh and simple. Love this brand so so much!!

Honestly pHresh is the Best

This fragrance is very clean smelling and does it’s job really effectively. Just an Honestly pHresh customer for life.

Great Spray Deodorant

My husband absolutely loves the Himalayan Cedarwood Pre + Probiotoic Deodorant Spray. We now order in quantity.

Happy customer

I have used your roll-on Deodorant
for about four years, and I love it.

Love it!

I love the feminine wash. It leaves me feeling very fresh. So happy I found it!


This product works really well. I have the unscented, but it actually smells faintly of sage, which is just lovely. I don’t stink! So that’s a win!

Barely Sweet Deodorant Stick
Michelle Martinez
Barely Sweet Deodorant stick review

It looks like I finally found the deodorant I have been looking for! I only use all natural deodorants but none have worked for me. They seem to work for only a few hours then it wears off. This deodorant works like magic! Ever since I started using this, I noticed that even when I'm not wearing any, I don't get any odor!!! I'm so happy about this

Nice light smell

I like the smell it's light and best part it didn't cause me any reaction on my skin.will purchase it again.