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I wanted to try the wash to see if it would be odor reducing after a sweaty workout, I have no other issues. I notice a huge difference and will keep using the feminine wash. It foams nicely, I use one pump, and really don’t notice that it is sage & chamomile scented.


Some deodorant makes me itchy, even the more natural brands, so I like this one which doesn’t. It smells nice and works well.


I was looking for something to decrease odor as I work out and sweat a lot. The feminine wash is fabulous and exactly what I was wanting.

Great clean deodorant option!

I have been using it on and off for a while, trying other ones to test efficiency, and I definitely choose Honestly Phresh. I love everything about it, fragrance, cleaniness, and specifically how long the freshness the application lasts. I totally recommend it.

Really works

This scent has a more subtle scent than some of the other scents. Doesn’t smell girly or flowery either. Works really well without irritating my skin

Best deodorant ever!

I have used honestly Ph fresh for a while now and their products never disappoint. They do not break my under arms out like other brands did. I was so lucky to find this brand. I love the new twist up - easy to use and travel with. More compact. The scent is wonderful! A new favorite. Thanks

Not disappointed!

I have been using Active Sea Mineral for quite awhile, and thru some hot Texas weather. No odor, and no irritation, it is amazing.

Smells wonderful and works!

I love this scent so much! It smells just like fresh roses and it makes me smell pretty! It works so much better than other natural deodorants, but I do need to reapply throughout the day because of my busy lifestyle. I will definitely keep ordering!

THE BEST natural deodorant!

I'm obsessed with this deodorant. I have struggled for years to find a natural deodorant that genuinely works and keeps working, and Vital Vetiver is it! It's even converted my skeptical husband. Buy it. Buy it today.

Love this product

I like this deodorant is refreshing and calms your skin. I will definitely buy again.

love it!

Great deodorant

Barely Sweet Deodorant Stick

Thank God and Thank honestlyphresh

I have tried an ungodly amount of natural deodorants. The aluminum in most name brands causes my underarms to break out in a rash that itches to no end. I have been through the gamet of the well know "natural deodorants". If you can find it in the store I've tried it. All of them had the same major issues; 1) They require multiple applications in a day, 2) They are over priced think 25.00 plus per stick, 3) They contained other ingredients that irritated my skin. This is the first brand that does not irritate my skin, last all day, and is under 20 a stick. I am sold on their product. So much so that I signed up for a subscription.

Sea Mineral Paper Twist Up Deodorant

Joy Deodorant Stick
Joan Pierce


I love it!

I initially found the Active Sea Mineral Deodorant at an outlet store. I loved it! It actually works, and I workout and live in the South! I had to find again because it's so great. I looked them up online and ordered! So happy that I found them.

this is the stuff

I couldn't take having coconut oil stains on my clothes from other natural deodorants and so I decided to try out pHresh spray. It works GREAT and though it won't keep you from sweating, it does keep you from smelling :-) Also it feels way better and smells lovely but not too strong.


Best spray deodorant ever!

The Unicorn of deodorants

I’ve been using this for a few years now. It’s the only deodorant on the planet that works for me! I sweat a lot due to anxiety and my genetics. This is the only deodorant that keeps stinky armpits at bay, not only all day, but even into the next day!!

The cardamom rose smells amazing with my body chemistry so it’s my favorite, but I also love the frangipani so I take turns with them. I haven’t tried the cedar yet, but I’ll give it a go sometime.

To be frank, I can’t really afford expensive products but I can’t use anything else now that I found this! It worth. Every. Penny.

I smell like my favorite visits to forests and I love it

I'm all about the good bacteria culture and yet smelling nice. So when my last pre-biotic deodorant stopped being sold, I was delighted to find HoneestlypHresh to keep my bacteria going. As a bonus they had a scent that I really hoped smelled like it was advertised. I took the plunge hoping the Wild Oak actually reminded me of familiar trees and it totally does. I really do love putting on this deodorant and it brings me a smile. The lack of irritating ingredients, like baking soda, makes my skin super happy too.

Barely sweet deodorant dial

Second time ordering, love all products I’ve
The dial on the deodorant stick doesn’t work

All I can say is I love it...I use the deodorant, spray deodorant, fem. wash, and the oil to help prevent ingrown hairs...thank you for providing clean products 🙏🏼


I bought three of these to stock up, the second one had a piece of plastic wedge inside of it and it cut me. other than that I simply love this deodorant ! I love the smell and I don't break out. also doesn't stain my white shirts! I still smell clean after a 16 hour shift.