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Efficient and easy.

I was about to make an order from Amazon when I checked price difference from honestlyphresh. Knew what I wanted because of previous use. Very satisfied and have never been disappointed.

The best

Clean, pure, and simple. I can’t put it any other way, this stuff is just the best.
I have very sensitive skin, so I won’t use anything else. pHresh leaves me feeling good, and confident about the way I smell all day.


I bought the sugar mint deodorant for the last few years in and off and still really love it! It works! Love the smell!! Would love to see the pink one come back as Well

Rose & Bergamot Pre + Probiotic Feminine Wash

Good scent, functional dispenser

After being unhappy with the scents available from a certain more mainstream brand of natural probiotic deodorant sold at a big box store, I did some searching, found Honestlyphresh and decided to give them a try. I’m happy to say I’ve been pleased I tried them.

The scent on the agave ginger is a really nice subtle tropical sort of smell. It does as good of a job for me as the other brand I was using did. Even better the paper dispenser tube is extremely well designed and works great like any other twist tube dispenser. Kudos to the product designer and manufacturer who made this happen.

I’m looking forward to trying more honestlyphresh products

Good stuff!!

First time trying the sticks, it’s great, very mild, works like it should!

Muskiest of the bunch

This one is good if you're used to or prefer the stronger scents that guys often use, like Old Spice or something like that. It's still not as strong as that but has a musky scent, though rather pleasant. Like the other options this one is great as a full day of keeping the stink away. Sometimes even after a workout I'm still OK even till the next day. Good deodorant.


Ok listen, this deodorant is the best out there! I have tried so many deodorants (natural, drug store, expensive, you name it) and this is by far my favorite. This one keeps BO away all day for me (sweaty gal) and is the best for sensitive pits. No redness or rash!! I’ve gone back to try other brands but I always come back to this brand. Also, the smell is EVERYTHING! I’ll catch a whiff of the deo and it’s so clean, fresh and yummy. A true rose smell which I adore! Highly highly recommend!! Fav one so far from honestly phresh, can’t wait to try more!

Wild oak

Only deodorant I seem to be able to use that. Does it make my armpits itch🤩🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Nice smell, works well.

Love the scent

This scent reminds me of Indian puja. Totally reminds me of home and I obviously love that its all natural and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body.

Terrific Mild Scent & Works!

This one is great. Very mild scent, but pleasant. Less musky than Bold or Vital Vetiver (which are excellent too) and it pretty much lasts all day and even into the next on the light sweat days. I love it and have been buying for friends and my family too.

1st healthy deodorant that works for me

Excellent- I’ve tried so many healthy deodorants that either didn’t work or caused an irritation. I’ve been using this one (rose) for weeks and love it! Plus I’ve had exceptional customer service when a problem with my order was taken care of right away. So

The absolute best deoderant

I have tried so many deoderants Lume, Native, ect ..on a recent trip to the coast I realized I forgotten my deoderant so we stopped at a small grocery and took a chance on this one. The consistency is excellent not chalky and does not dry out, ut has a light scent my husband has even started using it
It works all day and even into the next

Great deodorant!

I like the smell, I like the texture, I like the packaging. It keeps me from stinking without irritating my skin. This is my second tube (I'm working my way through all the scents). It's not as gingery as I expected but that's fine! Each tube lasts me 5-6 months.

Very happy girl

Let me start off with saying I have extremely sensitive skin and I am a very smelly girl. Every body is different, but for me, this stuff is gold. I have tried almost every vegan and organic deodorant out there and this is the ONLY one I have found that doesn’t make me break out in a rash, give me ingrown hairs, and make me smell ten times worse. My armpits are smoother and smell fresher than ever. This deodorant saved my confidence and comfort, thank you.

I highly recommend this product! It is one of the best deodorants I have used. The scent is very pleasant! Thank you for creating these products!! ❤️

Great spray!

Smells great, but the cardamom gets lost in the rose. I really like their deodorant sprays, this is my second bottle. They keep me smelling good and don't irritate my very irritable skin.


Best deodorant ever. I was a secret girl for years and years and am trying to cut out as much toxic junk as possible and decided I needed to switch. This lasts and lasts, I’ll never go back to secret!

Why Did You Change the Formula & Scent

I have used this deodorant for years and have absolutely loved the way it prevented odor. It also had a subtle scent — not floral, powdery, or sickeningly sweet. Why did you change the first ingredient from shea butter to arrowroot powder? I used to appreciate that it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Also — now the Sea Mineral scent smells very strongly of floral. I’m so disappointed.

Amazing Products

I am so happy my friend told me about Honestly Phresh. I am obsessed with their products. They are natural and they actually work without all the harmful chemicals. I love all of their products!

Love it and works well for me!

The Lavender Milk and the Ginger Agave are my favorites! They work, no irritation, soft skin, and a light fragrance. Please, never stop making these!

Joy Deodorant Stick
Chenoa Henderson
Would recommend

I like that this one donates to a good cause is natural and smells good

Great scent and lasting power

There’s something soothing and peaceful about this scent. I think it’s the rose :) This is the BEST deodorant spray I’ve ever used!!!!

Easy to work with- love their products

Love the cardamom rosé deodorant spray. Great fragrance and is the only natural deodorant that actually works for me. Excellent products.