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Beautiful smell, fresh all day

I love this deodorant. Smells great, lasts all day.

It works!

I got the barely sweet version for my Mom and the unscented for myself. We find this deodorant to be effective in the long term unlike other natural/aluminum free deodorants.

Life Saver

My partner and I adore this. The scent is great, and we think it's played a big part in getting rid of our BO. Highly recommend.

Love so far!

Love the smell, it really works! I'll definitely be ordering again and trying more of their products


Best Deordorant, hands down!! I've tried so many different kinds of Deordorant and this is the only one that doesn't cause any irritation and it actually works! Other Deordorants would cause my pit to be so red and inflamed, and even cause dry spots. But this Deordorant smells great, and is soooo smooth going on and doesn't irritate my pit at all! I can also put it on immediately after shaving, which I don't usually like to do, cause it typically burns them. Thanks so much for a great Deordorant!!

Amazing smell and nice texture

Just tried this and am pleasantly surprised! The smell is awesome and I love how it feels on my skin.

This deodorant has an amazing smell ! Should make a body wash with same smell to go along with it ,absolutely amazing!


I really like this fragrance and it really works. I wish they also had something similar to the Sugar Mint.

My teenage daughter stole this one from me! She loves this scent, she puts it in her purse or bag for crazy busy days so reapplying is easy!

Smells amazing! This is nice to shove in my purse in case I’m going to have a crazy day!

This scent is probably my least favorite but it’s still nice. I have to buy two of each so that my teenage daughter can use them as well! She loves these deodorants as well!

Love this scent! Having sensitive skin, I’m grateful for this product!

Amazing rose scent! Post- breast cancer I started buying honestlyphresh & I will never buy anything else! My sensitive skin does not react to any honestlyphresh product. I reapply if necessary but I’m usually good for 24hrs!

This is my favorite scent! I love that it comes in paper instead of plastic! This has never caused a reaction with my sensitive skin! Love love love

Love honestlyphresh! The scents are amazing , doesn’t cause any reaction to my sensitive skin!!! My teenage daughter stole my lavender milk deodorant! This is seriously good stuff!

Another home run: great fragrance and it works without irritating my skin. 2 thumbs up!! 👍👍

Everything smells sublime, it works AND does not irritate my skin. 5 STARS!!

Great Product!

Excellent product. Deodorant is very personal. So it's tough to find just the right one. I found this and am sticking with it.

Joy Deodorant Stick

My absolute Favorite!

All day fresh

Active Sea mineral keeps me fresh all day …This is the best natural deodorant without irritation.

Fresh day

Active Sea mineral keeps me fresh all day …This is the best natural deodorant without irritation.

Great product!

I enjoy the scent and the protection for this product and the other ones I use previously.

Best deodorant

Finally! I made better for you. Deodorant, that actually works! The sea mineral smell is light and refreshing… Thank you!

Love the ease with which it twists up and out

Love how easy it is to use this product … a paper tube that is so well made that it is not a PITA to use … TY !
The product is all very nice … enjoy the scent and it works well enough , as it should . No issues . Will purchase again .

I love the cause, love the concept, but it’s too much floral and not enough woods. It should be more balanced (in my opinion), but I would use it again. The Active will always be my favorite though.