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i get such bad razor burn and red bumps after shaving down there. i used this product for the first time today and it works so well!! no bumps, no razor burn and the product even smells so good that my boyfriend pointed it out😂 this is the first product that actually worked very well for me so 10/10 recommend especially since it’s so cheap for how good it is!!

Smooth & gentle

This deodorant is so smooth and glides, but isn't greasy. I got juniper rose which definitely smells like a true rose with an herbal tone to it. If you don't like floral fragrances or are expecting a jammy rose, you may not like this one. To me, it smells beautiful & feminine. This is also so gentle, keeps me smelling fresh, and most importantly, does not break me out. This is a beautifully formulated product. I support this brand, they are doing great work.

Love this one

I bought this brand when they were available on Costco a couple of years ago. I loved the product but the only qualm I had was the texture being hard & difficult to spread. Thankfully, they've since fixed this and now it is as smooth as butter and glides with ease. So happy they made this adjustment. This is the one deodorant that kept me smelling good all day and did not irritate the heck out of my skin. I'm so happy with this purchase! Also, the scent is light but noticeable when you move your arms around, which I like. It is a sweet fruity, slightly floral scent. This is a staple for me.


Love this deodorant. I got the frangipani one & it smells very floral and tropical. I also love that it's a spray because it's very versatile. I feel like I can use this all over my body.

The spray does mist for me, although it is a concentrated mist, which I personally enjoy. It is non-irritating, beautifully fragrant, and I feel safe using this product :)

Another plus is that it dries quickly, and does not leave you feeling sticky at all. My skin just feels cool & smooth after it dries. Highly recommend!

Barely Sweet Deodorant Stick
Kimberly Pederson
Very pleased

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this deodorant last summer, and have no desire to go back to the old aluminum based deodorant. This stuff really works!!!

Give it a try!

At first i was a bit skeptical about getting it since it had peppermint and spearmint in it thinking the smell was going to be over powering. it wasn't and im glad i took the chance. i love how i feel cool and clean

Best deodorant ever!

Works really well and smells great !

It’s okay

It’s okay if you like this smell but I’m not a huge fan of it.

Spray deodorant


The only deodorant that works for me

I have been looking for a clean deodorant and discovered this brand in 2019 (I think), when they were selling them at Target. Since then I have been looking everywhere online to purchase those, whether on Walmart or Amazon. This is the first time I ordered directly from the company and I should’ve done this before. Super quick delivery and personally addressed hand note! Thank you

The best I’ve ever used

I’m so happy I found this deodorant. It’s the best I’ve used in my entire life!

I have gone through so many natural deodorants (and even made my own a few times) but never worked like this.

I tend to smell strong, so my body odor would linger even when I had deodorant on, but I have absolutely no smell after I started using this. I assume it would be the probiotic in it as if balances my bacteria. I got extra deodorants for my sisters and mother.

My favorite

By chance, I purchased one of these twist-up deodorants at a local TJMaxx at a reduced price, but I liked it so much, I ended up purchasing more after it ran out. It goes on silky, it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The scent is light, which I really appreciate, being someone who is sensitive to strong scents. Most Colognes & perfumes, fabric softeners (Tide, especially) all make me feel a bit nauseous. This stuff has yet to cause any breakouts, even after shaving, so I would agree that it is for sensitive skin. I also find that this will keep my pits fresh smelling for about 24-36 hours, which is comparable to how long mainstream deodorant lasts for me.

Great wash!

I never have any issues with this product. It cleans gently and doesn't irritate me.

Best natural deodorant!

I love this deodorant! It doesn’t clog my skin or irritate my skin. It also doesn’t cause stinky build up on clothes. Leaves me feeling fresh as a dip in the sea.

Best deodorant!!

All of the Honestly Phresh deodorants are amazing!!! I searched for almost a year until I found this brand— it goes on neat and smooth and keeps me smelling fresh until the next morning! I absolutely love this deodorant!!


Love this product, it’s really helps keep my B.O. at bay

I Am Obsessed

I also found this brand at a TJ Maxx and bought it in desperation to replace the deodorant cream I’d been using for years, but was discontinued. One product made me break out in a severe rash for two months. Others left me stinky or sticky or in constant need to reapply. Mind you, I am also suffering through menopausal hot flashes and live in the high desert, where extreme temperatures amplify the problem. Honestly pHresh is honestly a life saver! No longer do I have to do a sniff test during the day and reapply, but I don’t have to worry at all. My clothes stay fresher, too. After great results for about a week, I started scouring all the stores in my area till I bought 7 more! No lie. I couldn’t afford to run out again, it’s THAT good. So happy to have found this stick version online, plus in a spray form. Customer for life now. Thank you.

The BEST deodorant

In every way, this deodorant is the top of the pack! I don’t have to reapply, and it smells wonderful. It never causes breakouts under my arms and it is simply a fantastic deodorant. I never smell myself or get a whiff of BO and this is amazing for me since I looked For months for a deodorant that actually works.

Best clean deodorant out there

I’ve tried to use natural clean deodorants before and ended up with my old one because the itching would be crazy. But this is the best. No issues. Thank you.

Great product

Love the smell!

Love this.

I have used your roll-on deodorant for years and was very disappointed when I could no longer find it. This is a wonderful replacement. I apply it liberally because I really love the scent!

Smells great/works great!

Very happy to have a healthy alternative to mainstream deodorant or baking soda. This works like a dream! Love it! I got the lavender push up solid & the smell is wonderful, like real lavender. Looking forward to trying the spray, wanted to start with what I am comfortable with.

Smells and works great!

Love that I can go to bed with this on & wake up smelling fresh. Does not irritate my skin like baking soda did. I love this natural alternative!

Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For

I have tried so many natural deodorants because I have sensitive skin. Many give me a rash or just don’t work. This deodorant provides long-lasting coverage and has a pleasant, mild scent. I’ve gone through so many brands, and finally found a good one!