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Festive Forest

This is one of my fav scents! You only carry it seasonally, so I bought two this year!

Phree Unscented Prebiotic Deodorant

My favorite natural deodorant!

I have tried it ALL! I have sensitive skin so most of the natural deodorants i tried broke me out in a rash! I tried this & not only did it smell amazing there has been no rash! I have been using phresh for a year now & i’m so thankful my hunt for the perfect natural deodorant is over! This is it!

5 Stars - I wish I could give 10 stars!

I love the lite scent, and the way Phresh feels on my sensitive under arms. The best ingredients! Thank you for a great product!

Best product ever! No chemicals.

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Tracy Klein
My gratitude

Words cannot express how wonderful this product is. The fact that this product is made in USA means a lot to me. I give this product 5 stars!

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no sweat

went on very nice. felt very good,

I love it!

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Kinlay Collins
Works Great! We love it!

My husband and I love this natural deodorant. We don’t smell and it doesn’t leave a cakey feeling under your arms. We will definitely be repurchasing in the future!

Best deodorant!

This deodorant is amazing. I love that it isn't oil + baking soda based like all the other natural deodorants, and it really works. I tried all three scents and my favorite by far is the frangipani and manoi- it smells fresh and tropical beachy and lasts all day, even working outside all day in SW Florida where I live. While all three work well, I don't love the fragrance of the cardamom rose or the cedar, maybe they just don't work with my particular body chemistry. The rose one smells too sweet and cheap, almost like gas station bathroom air freshener, and the cedar one has a bit of a cat pee smell, at least to me.

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Jennifer Bryden
Bought as a gift

Bought this as a gift and not for myself.

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Cathy Gulley
Amazing Scent!!!

This is my first time trying natural deodorant and I absolutely love the Shea scented honestlyphresh full-size sample that I received! It feels silky to my sensitive skin and it smells amazing! Definitely will order more and highly recommend!

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Sara Mayberry
Total Confidence

Honestlyphresh deodorant is the best product I've ever tried. It works well to keep you feeling dry and smelling great. It's also easy to use as well. I recommend this product to family and friends!

Festive Forrest

It’s great deodorant not too pasty… it has a good consistency and glides on easy. I have not tested when outside and sweating. That will be true test. But I would definitely buy again for everyday wear.

Honestly pHresh is honest

Pleasantly surprised to try out a product that delivers what they promised.I got the Soorhing Shea and I really like the smell. it's a very light scent so it isn't over powering, nor dies it clash with any fragrance I'm wearing. Went on very smooth and doesn't stain. Fits in your hand perfectly so it's easy to use. I love the fa t that it's vegan. and made with fair trade ingredients. I can skip a day and won't have issues. I like it!

Love it

Love the scent and the fresh smell. It’s great on my skin.
I’m planning to order again .

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Brittany Emilio
Awesome and Clean

I really love this deodorant. I feel clean and don’t smell when I use it. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and is easy to rinse off in the shower. I would definitely use it again and will be rebuying when I run out.

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Kristie Laws

Great deodorant!

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Rahel Abate
Ph natural

want to try it


I received a sample of Phresh Deodorant Stick in exchange for my honest review. I love the packaging, very fresh. And this smells good. Not too strong but lasts all day. No sweaty armpit. Doesnt leave any residue too.

Smells fantastic

Smells fantastic, it work really well

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Lauren Pothier
Love this deodorant

The only deodorant that keeps me fresh all day

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Priscilla Price
Refreshing from honestlyphresh

It is hard to find a working deodorant without aluminum. This one is and does. Give a try.

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Sherri Caudell
Powerful Deodorant/Lovely Scent

I loved the holiday fir tree scent. It was pleasant and not overwhelming. I was really impressed that this natural deodorant worked as well as the deodorants with aluminum and chemicals to make sure I stayed fresh throughout the day. I will definitely purchase again!