Why you DON’T NEED to DETOX your armpits when “transitioning” to natural deodorant
January 28, 2020

Why you DON’T NEED to DETOX your armpits when “transitioning” to natural deodorant

There are many myths surrounding armpit detoxing and transitioning to natural deodorant, we are here to set things straight! First things first, a rash should never be acceptable! It is important to note that switching from your current deodorant to a natural formula is NOT a complicated task. Simply make the switch, no detox or transitioning process required! Other articles claim that you must detox your pits before making the switch or it may result in a rash, FALSE! Rashes most commonly occur when you use products containing harsh ingredients such as aluminum and baking soda.


Detox has been a buzz word in the beauty and health world, but what does it really mean? When we talk about detox, we are referring to a period of time where you remove toxic or unhealthy substances from your body. Now, we are seeing a trend in armpit masks, but are they really worth the hype? No. Armpit masks claim to increase the effectiveness of natural deodorant, remove build up, reduce irritation and eliminates odor. However, your body is a wonderful working machine that already, naturally detoxes and removes those harmful chemicals. Applying clay or vinegar-based masks won’t do much more than simply washing your pits with a gentle soap.


In most cases there is no actual “transition” period when switching to a natural deodorant. However, some individuals may need a short adjustment period. The adjustment period is simply some time to allow your body to adapt to the change, it’s a natural process, literally! This time period is different for everybody, however giving natural deodorant about 3-4 weeks to adjust is acceptable.


The best way to “detox” your pits is to simply make the switch to natural deodorant. Stop using products with harmful ingredients such as aluminum and baking soda, start using Honestly pHresh.


At Honestly pHresh our natural deodorants are vegan, baking soda free, cruelty-free, aluminum-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and proudly made in the USA. Available for both men and women in different scents and application forms such as roll-on, sticks and sprays- so which one is right for you?


For that on-the-go lifestyle- If you are looking for easy, on the go application from the gym to the office, try our roll-ons! Honestly pHresh’s selection of roll-on deodorant features a magnesium-enriched formula that not only provides outstanding 24-hour odor protection but delivers essential minerals for maintaining a balanced, healthy life. So, do yourself a favor and roll with us; your body will thank you.


Keep calm & stay classic: The classic form of deodorant application- stick! Our formula boasts a combination of minerals and prebiotics that work in harmony to control body odor for 24 hours. Free of artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, providing you with all-natural scents!


Something a little bit extra: Deodorant sprays are great for quick, mess free application (plus the added pre/pro biotic benefits!). Our pre/probiotic formula works in harmony with your natural flora to keep the pH levels of your skin balanced and in check. Derived from the yakon root, our probiotic spray deodorant encourages the growth of healthy bacteria while eliminating the unwanted odor-causing bacteria. As an added bonus, you can use your Pre/Pro Biotic Deodorant Spray on your yoga mat, shoes & more!