Deodorant FAQs

Honestly pHresh Deodorant FAQs

Thinking about making a switch to natural deodorants? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. Our team at Honestly pHresh has compiled a list of the most popular natural deodorant questions to help make the transition as easy as possible. You can also check out our Natural Deodorant Guide for more useful information!

Frequently Asked All-Natural Deodorant Questions

Q: Why is baking soda bad in deodorant?

A: While baking soda is considered a natural ingredient, it strips the natural pH of your skin and can cause skin irritation. If you have recently tried an all-natural deodorant only to experience redness, rashes, or skin irritation, baking soda is most likely the cause. Learn more about the negative effects of baking soda in deodorant here. Our motto at Honestly pHresh is “no B.S.” As such, our natural deodorants do not contain any baking soda. Instead, they are formulated with a combination of prebiotics and minerals to combat odor and keep your underarms pH balanced and fresh all day!

Q: What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

A: While most people use the terms “deodorant” and “antiperspirants” interchangeably, they are actually two distinct products. So what is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants? As the name suggests, antiperspirants work to prevent perspiration from occurring. Ingredients found in antiperspirants, such as aluminum, plug sweat glands in order to prevent sweat in an attempt to prevent body odor. However, sweat itself is odorless. It is the combination of bacteria and sweat that creates an odor. Taking this fact into account, deodorants, allow your body to perspire naturally. Instead of plugging your sweat glands and trying to prevent an essential bodily function, deodorants prevent odor by killing the odor-causing bacteria. In order to help our customers live a healthier, natural lifestyle, all of Honestly pHresh’s natural products are deodorants, not antiperspirants.

Q: Is aluminum in antiperspirants/deodorants bad?

A: While aluminum can be naturally occurring, the truth is it can be harmful to your body in high doses. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that alters the function of the blood-brain barrier and can have a serious impact on your central nervous system. This type of chemical can be readily absorbed through your skin, but your body is inefficient at expelling it, making it easy to build up enough aluminum over time to cause health issues such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, bone disease, and kidney problems. Check out a few more reasons to use aluminum-free deodorant.

Q: Why is it important to use a paraben-free deodorant?

Parabens are preservatives that keep beauty products from growing mold and bacteria over time. Parabens are a suspected carcinogen, which is why the EU has banned five parabens and restricts triclosan in cosmetics. Unfortunately, in the U.S., companies are still free to utilize these harmful ingredients. However, we feel your health is too important to risk, which is why we above and beyond U.S. regulations to create a natural deodorant that is free of harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. For this reason, all of our natural deodorants are paraben-free.

Frequently Asked Honestly pHresh Product Questions

Q: Will your deodorant help with perspiration?

A: The human body is designed to sweat and there is nothing in the natural world that will stop this from happening. Remember, sweating is an essential bodily function! It is used to regulate body temperature and rid your body of toxins (among other things!). Also, it is important to remember that sweat itself does not have a scent. It is only when sweat combines with certain bacteria that body odor is created. So go ahead and embrace the sweat! Healthy looks so good on you! Note: If you are switching from an antiperspirant to a deodorant you may notice a temporary increase in sweat. This is because previously your antiperspirant was plugging sweat glands so they could not perform their normal function. After a couple of weeks, your body will adjust to the change and regulate itself to perspire only when necessary.

Q: Do I need to go through any special prep before I use your natural deodorant?

A: Healthier doesn’t have to mean harder. While other natural deodorant products have a series of steps for application or a “detoxing” process to go through, we like to keep it simple! Just swipe and go any time of day for amazing odor protection. No need to clean the skin before using! Honestly, your routine with our natural deodorant should be just like the traditional deodorant you currently use!

Q: Does Honestly pHresh use natural ingredients?

A: We like to keep things simple and natural, and we think you should too especially when it comes to your deodorant! We source the best natural ingredients including fair trade coconut and organic arrowroot powder. You will find zero chemicals or fillers in our products. We also stay away from synthetic fragrances.

Q: Does Honestly pHresh deodorant actually work?

A: Yes! Our blend of prebiotics and minerals work together in harmony to offer you full 24-hour odor protection. Rather than plugging up your pores to try and prevent odor, or attempting to mask your body odor with pungent fragrances, our natural deodorant formula fights odor-causing bacteria to stop the smell at the source and keep you smelling pHresh all day long. But don’t just take our word for it! Read our product reviews and see what our current customers have to say!

Q: What is the difference between your sticks, roll-ons and spray deodorants?

A: Our all-natural deodorant sticks for men and women are our hero product. Designed to look and feel like any other deodorant stick on the market, they are ideal for those who are new to natural deodorants. Our deodorant sticks glide on clear and use a combination of prebiotics and magnesium to provide 24-hour odor protection. They are Fair Trade certified and use organic and all-natural ingredients that are safe for every skin type. An added benefit: our deodorant sticks will not stain your clothes!

Our all-natural roll-on deodorants are Magnesium based. Magnesium is a positively charged compound that will attack any gram neg or positive bacteria. These are the types of bacteria that cause odor. With the roll-on application, you also receive the benefits of transdermal absorption magnesium. Magnesium is a much-needed mineral with many health benefits. It’s our two in one product! Ladies, please be aware that this product may leave a white residue so it not recommended for the little black dress.

Honestly pHresh’s newest product is our all-natural deodorant sprays. This All over body spray can be applied to any part of the body that needs odor protection. Using a mix of pre and probiotics, our natural deodorant spray stimulates healthy bacteria on the skin while fighting off odor-causing bacteria. More advanced scent profilers. Can also be sprayed on yoga mats or inside of shoes, really anyplace where extra protection is needed.

Q: Do you carry natural deodorant for men?

Yes! We have a complete line of men’s natural deodorant sticks that feature bold, masculine scents without any harsh chemicals. All of our men’s deodorants are made in the USA, aluminum-free, paraben-free, baking-soda free, vegan, cruelty-free, and ideal for sensitive skin. View our full line of men’s natural deodorants here.

Q: Can I buy your products locally?

Honestly pHresh natural deodorants are found in shops and boutiques all over the world! Use our store locator to find a shop nearest to you.

Q: I am a retail store, how can I carry your products?

We love welcoming new retailers into the Honestly pHresh family. Our wholesale application process is easy! Simply fill out our form to request a wholesale catalog and we will take it from there!

Q: Will Honestly pHresh stain my clothing?

A: No! The yellow stains you typically see on clothing are caused by the aluminum found in many deodorants. Our deodorants are aluminum free and glide on clear. Our roll-on deodorants occasionally leave a white residue. However, this will wash or wipe off and will not leave a permanent stain.

Q: What is the shelf life of pHresh products?

A: Honestly pHresh all-natural deodorants have a shelf life of 12 months opened and 18 months unopened.

Q: How long does one product last?

A: All of our deodorant products last an average of three months. This may vary from user to user depending on how liberally and how often you apply your deodorant.

Q: Is Honestly pHresh a cruelty-free company?

A: We are proud to say Honestly pHresh’s natural deodorants are 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. They are also certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny).

Q: Are Honestly pHresh’s products recyclable?

A: Yes! Our deodorant spray boxes and glass bottles are accepted in any recyclable program. Our HDPE Roll-On Bottles are #2 and deodorant sticks are made from a #5 plastic that is recyclable. For a full list of recycling locations that accept #5 materials, check out the Gimme Five locator.


Help! I am having trouble with the dial on my deodorant stick:

If you are turning your dial but the product is not moving here is a helpful tip: Take the cap off, then squeeze around the sides of the container towards the top. This may help the stick “release” from the sides of the container. Then get a good grip on the dial, and apply upward pressure while you twist the dial. Still having trouble? Get in touch.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Absolutely! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a reputation for having some of the best customer support in the business. Honestly pHresh always honors returns and exchanges for orders placed on our website within a 30 day period. Just contact us and we’ll set you up. For purchases made through other retailers, you must contact them directly. If you have a question, get in touch with our support team–we’re here for you!

When will I receive my order?

Congrats on making the switch to a natural deodorant. We understand your excitement over this healthy lifestyle change. As such, most of our packages arrive within 3-5 business days of being shipped. You will receive a shipping notification and tracking number immediately once your order is shipped. If you do not receive a shipping notification, or if your package has not arrived within two weeks, let us know!