What your eating is making you stink!?

What your eating is making you stink!?
August 12, 2014 pHresh
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Did you know that what you are eating is making you stink? There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that certain foods can increase body odor, most commonly known as BO.

We all know that garlic and onions gives us bad breath, but what about the other foods that we are eating? Here is a list of the biggest producers of extra BO:

  1. Foods Containing Sulfur: The main offenders are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic and onions. Of course we don’t recommend not eating these foods, try blanching them in hot water with a pinch of salt to minimize the BO affect.
  2. Red Meat: It is believed that the high levels of amino acids in red meat cause an increased BO. In a small study published in Chemical Senses in 2006, women rated men’s BO (taken from their armpits) as more attractive, pleasant and less intense when the men ate no mean for two weeks, compared to when they consumed red meat. Sourced from www.bearkelywellness.com
  3. Alcohol: We all know that its not good to over due it when it comes to booze. On those rare times that you do it’s highly likely that whatever is not metabolized by your liver will come out through your pores.
  4. Fish: There is no doubt that fish has a ‘fishy’ smell, but there is a chance that you could be one of the few that have a metabolic disorder called trimethylaminuria. Trimethylaminuria occurs when your body cant break down trimethylamine (found in seafood) and that lovely ‘fishy’ smell is your BO.
  5. Sugary foods and a low carb diet can also be contributors to BO.

So, what do you do? You can limit your intake of these foods, but of course… USE Honestly pHresh deodorant!!!

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  1. Muhammet 4 years ago

    Actually, I agree with Michelle, Tom’s of Maine is really good. It’s acluatly a deodorant, as opposed to an anti-perspirant, which all of the others mentioned above are. Ladies, just be careful using anti-perspirants. Our bodies were made to sweat a little and (embarassing as it may be) they must do so to maintain an appropriate temperature. Also, the chemical in anti-perspirants aluminum chloride has been linked to breast cancer and cancer in the lymph nodes. This is especially a toxic threat if you’re using anti-perspirants like Certain Dri.I too have over-active sweat glands. My sister and I were both prescribed Certain Dri, but with a family history of breast cancer we eventually figured it wasn’t worth the risk. I now only use natural deodorants, and on hot days try to wear colours that don’t show sweat much. Other things like keeping out of direct sun (better for you anyways) espeically at peak times, and staying hydrated can really help as well.Good luck and stay healthy!

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