Sensitive Fragrance Free Feminine Wash

Sensitive Fragrance Free Feminine Wash


pH Balanced with Pre + Probiotics to gently and effectively cleanse, moisturize, hydrate and deodorize your delicate areas.


Maintain your personal pH naturally with our pH balancing feminine wash.

Packed with pre + probiotics our pH feminine wash is intended to encourage healthy bacteria growth in your delicate area as well as help maintain the perfect pH of your vagina which is a 3.5-4.5 Its in this acidic environment where healthy bacteria flourish. Using feminine products that encourage healthy bacteria growth and maintain pH balance is vital to a women’s health as pH levels tend to become unbalanced during mensuration, exercise and intercourse, thus causing odor and irritation.  Formulated with lactic acid which helps control a low pH, thus maintaining a healthy environment for good bacteria to thrive. Lemon, a natural deodorizer and chamomile for its soothing abilities, our washes will cleanse, balance, moisturize, hydrate, deodorize and protect you! Conveniently formulated to be used with water in the shower or just wiped away. What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and stay fresh with pHresh!


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