Foaming Feminine Wash & Pre/Pro Biotic Deodorant Spray Bundle

Foaming Feminine Wash & Pre/Pro Biotic Deodorant Spray Bundle

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Get both of these green, clean, and pHresh products for 20% off when purchased as a bundle! Reinvent your self-care routine with our all-natural pH-balancing Feminine Wash and Spray Deodorant. 

Foaming Feminine Wash

Maintain your pH naturally with Honestly pHresh gentle foaming feminine wash. Did you know the ideal pH of your vagina is between 3.5-4.5? These levels promote the best possible environment for healthy bacteria to flourish, which protect against odor and irritation. Our unique foaming formula is packed with pre+probiotics as well as lactic acid to maintain the perfect pH level of your delicate area and to combat odor before it starts. What are you waiting for? Freshen up with pHresh!

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Pre/Pro Biotic Deodorant Spray

Our Pre/Pro biotic smart sprays can be sprayed here, there, yes…anywhere:)

Our Pre-Pro Biotic formula works in harmony with your natural flora to keep the pH levels of your skin balanced and in check. Encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria while eliminating the unwanted bacteria. Our smart sprays can be sprayed on any exterior part of the body to offer full deodorant coverage.

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