Are Your Kids Little Stinkers?

Are Your Kids Little Stinkers?
March 23, 2014 admin
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The day you have dreaded is here. Your adorable babies have entered the embarrassingly awful rite of passage known as puberty and are singlehandedly giving new meaning to the phrase, “little stinkers.”

Unfortunately, it’s a scientific fact that the hormone flux brought on by puberty brings more than an increase in body hair. It also brings an increase in sweating and the bacteria that causes body odor.

So what’s an informed parent to do? Choose an all-natural deodorant. Deodorants work with your natural pH to create an unfriendly environment for the bacteria that causes odor. Deodorants also allow the body to continue to function naturally. Antiperspirants interrupt the body’s natural process by absorbing chemicals into pores, causing swelling that blocks sweat. Yikes!

Going through puberty is hard enough on a child, so make sure you don’t compound the drama by introducing them to antiperspirants which contain:

  • Aluminum compounds — known to accumulate in the brain
  • Parabens — preservatives currently under investigation for links to breast cancer
  • Propylene glycol — a neurotoxin that causes dermatitis, and kidney and liver damage

Of course, buying your children clothing made of breathable organic fabrics that absorb sweat (unlike synthetics) is also a wise idea. If your child still has a problem with body odor, you may want to talk to a doctor, as excessive sweating in children can sometimes indicate low calcium or other issues.


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